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This week on Bloodbath, we take a look at a comic that was created by Mark Millar under his deal with Netflix and Image Comics: Prodigy! Netflix acquired Millarworld back in the summer of 2017. Prodigy saw its first issue hit stands at the end of 2018. It’s a future feature film for the streaming service. But what is Prodigy?

Edison Crane’s not content being the world’s smartest man and most successful businessman—his brilliant mind needs to be constantly challenged. He’s a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, genius composer, Olympic athlete, an expert in the occult, and now international governments are calling on him to fix problems they just can’t handle.

Image Comics

Join Andrew and Petula as they dissect this fun action thriller starring the most interesting man in the world. There is talk of the Millar style, as well as the fantastic artwork by Rafael Albuquerque. Find out if this is an overlooked gem from the Millarworld catalog. If you like action, intrigue, sci-fi and dudes who are uber-smart, you may have found the next book for you to check out! All in a days work for us here at Back Issue Bloodbath. Give our show a listen. You’ll laugh. You’ll gasp. And you’ll learn something. Prodigy Vol 1: The Evil Earth is available now from Image Comics. Enjoy!

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