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This week on Bloodbath, it’s another creator spotlight as we take a look back on the many great comic works of Jimmy Palmiotti. Jimmy originally broke into the business as an inker but has gone on to become one of the best writers in the business. Never one to mince words, you always get the straight goods from Jimmy. And the goods are entertaining. The man has worked for many a publisher in various genres. He’s also created great creator owned titles for his own imprint, Paper Films. He’s got tons of great ideas brought forth with the help of some fantastic collaborators.

Jimmy has worked with some of the best in the industry. His work with Joe Quesada, Justin Gray and Amanda Conner are tops on the list. From his time at Event Comics, to Marvel Knights, to writing Jonah Hex and Harley Quinn, Jimmy’s been a part of some great moments in comics history.

Join Andrew and Petula as they look back on the career of Jimmy Palmiotti. You’ll also hear about Andrew’s many interviews with the man. Always a character, Jimmy knows how to tell a story. You should always listen to Jimmy. It’s good for your health. It’s also good for you to hear us talk about Jimmy on an ALL NEW Bloodbath. Enjoy!

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