Hey not sure what to watch this week on the small screen? No worries #SetTheVCR is here to help you make some of those decisions easier. Each week Sammy Younan and I will give you our picks for each day of the coming week. Please note – enjoyment NOT guaranteed.

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Another mixed bag this week. However, Sammy is excited by the return of the NBA season being played out. I’m happy the NBA is back because a happy Sammy is a good Sammy. Let’s dig in the fun.

Lotta documentaries this week if only so I maintain my street rep: I keep it real. Ok, that may be terrible but these tv recommendations are not!

Sammy Younan

Monday, July 27

Todd McFarlane: Like Hell I Won’t (3am / Syfy.com) – This Todd McFarlane documentary opens with Todd confirming: “There’s a fine line between being diligent and persevering and being delusional or being an asshole…” Which is if you’ve ever met Todd is a completely Todd McFarlane thing to say. Even the title Like Hell I Won’t is so totally Todd. So how did he get here? How did we get here? David Oster’s comic book documentary which originally was broadcast on Syfy on July 25 is now on their website. Some great inside baseball for comic book nerds. (Sammy)

Penn & Teller: Try This at Home Too (9pm / CW) – Penn & Teller are back at it again providing some fun magic tricks for us to watch, this time however it’s their at home series. The mater magicians help us learn tricks of the trade that can be done while at home under quarantine. Take the opportunity to learn the tricks and wow your friends when this is all over. The first edition came out back in May and now we get a second batch of tricks by the duo and their friends. (Mr. Green)

Tuesday, July 28

Stockton On My Mind (9pm / HBO) – Michael D. Tubbs is the mayor of Stockton, California, and a mayoral activist for Universal Basic Income. As such this is an HBO documentary on his efforts to rebuild Stockton via powerful ideas like UBI (next door in Oakland they’re also experimenting with UBI). 125 residents are getting $500 a month until January 2021. Similar to the UBI program we ran here in Ontario the results are positive and inspiring. And sadly rather timely as the pandemic has forced us to grapple with questions about work and life and money. If this is working in Stockton could this work in other cities? (Sammy)

Tell Me A Story (9pm / CW)SERIES PREMIERE! Two years ago the CW teamed up with CBS All Access to produce this series. Now the CW gets to air the series as part of a deal with All-Access after they cancelled it. The show takes it’s cues from classic fairy tales and puts modern twists on them. The first season focuses on The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel & Gretel. Sadly the show was cancelled after its two seasons but maybe if enough interest is created maybe the CW will think about greenlighting a 3rd season. (Mr. Green)

Wednesday, July 29

No Limit Chronicles (9pm / BET)No Limit Chronicles is Master P’s Last Dance: a five-part docuseries. No word on how much of the doc focuses on P’s time with the Toronto Raptors making them say Ehh. #Rimshot! Looks decent. 5 parts is a lot of time…I mean I wanna watch this but 3 parts would be just fine. Master P and his crew are such a weird time in hip hop history; almost like they don’t quite fit. So strange. Well, let’s kick it old school shall we? (Sammy)

Law Abiding Citizen (10pm / USA) – a 2009 film with Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx about a man who loses his family and blames the DA for the killer getting a reduced sentence. I remember watching this film back then it was okay at best. it was an interesting premise that just didn’t quite catch fire, especially with Butler and Foxx. Honestly, it’s a shame as I had hoped for much more out it. Still, if you are just looking for some basic revenge plotting this should hit the spot. (Mr. Green)

Thursday, July 30

Sammy’s Pick of the Week

NBA Doubleheader (6pm / TNT) – First Major League Baseball now: NBA Basketball returns. Thankfully a champion will be crowned as the 74th season of the National Basketball Association comes to the most unusual conclusion. It’s imperative a champion is declared even with these unprecedented circumstances otherwise it’s like watching a movie for an hour and a half and the ending has been edited out. Because everything is so different I can’t make predictions; the truth is nobody can. So let’s sit back and watch what happens as it happens. Game one is Pelicans vs Jazz; Game 2 is Clippers vs Lakers. No fans so that’s weird: sports are now firmly and fully a TV Show. (Sammy)

Transformers: War For Cybertron Trilogy – Siege (3am / Netflix) – New Transformers content this time from a team-up of Rooster Teeth and Polygon Films. This looks to be taking much from the various incarnations of the history of Transformers from G1 all the way up to Beats Wars. Not sure if there is any material from the more recent adventures but the limited-run series told in 3 parts looks great. From the war for Cybertron, to the battle to leave the planet up to the future past as the Autobots meet their descendants the Maximals. Like I said there is a lot of history getting covered here. Really looking forward to watching Part 1 this Thursday. (Mr. Green)

Friday, July 31

The Go-Go’s (9pm / Showtime) – Since we’re all on Vacation I do wanna check out this Showtime documentary on The Go-Go’s! I don’t know anything about them just that they Got The Beat. No doubt I’ll fall Head Over Heels that is until We Don’t Get Along. It is a documentary so there will be conflict: today we all find out what makes this band Go-Go. I’m done now. (Sammy)

Mr. Green’s Pick of the Week

The Umbrella Academy (3am / Netflix) – After the events of season 1 finale with the destruction of all mankind after Vanya blew up the moon, the family gets thrown back to ’60s. I have already watched the new season and will have a review this coming on Geek Hard tonight at 7pm (EST) /4pm (PST). So, I won’t spoil anything other than to say that the series feels like the correct followup to season 1. Make sure you check it if you are a big fan of the first season. I read the comic Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba when it was released and the TV show so far hasn’t straight to far from the intent of the books. Sure the characters don’t always look like they did in the comic but that’s life sometimes. Still, if you are looking for something other than all the great documentaries Sammy recommended than your in for a treat. (Mr. Green)

Saturday, August 1

Jojo Rabbit (3am / Crave) – A ah… classic movie buddy comedy? A boy and his best friend: Hitler. Clearly, it’s Taika Waititi’s darkly comic… I guess it’s more of a fable? Is that the right word for it? Fantasy? Fun? Pick an F word. Jojo Rabbit debuted on HBO (America) a couple of days ago; it’s now on Crave in Canada. (Sammy)

Muppets Now (Anytime / Disney+) – This actually dropped yesterday but I was busy with Umbrella Academy I had to push this over to the weekend. Still a big fan of The Muppets since childhood this of course had to be on my must watch list for the near future. A improve show starring all your favourite Muppets. I’m looking forward to checking it out and seeing what they doing in this environment as opposed to the normal scripted narratives of the original show. It looks like a lot of fun. (Mr. Green)

Sunday, August 2

Rain (Anytime / Netflix) – When Rain came out in 2018 I hadda Sophie’s Choice between that and Dark. I wisely chose Dark. Which is now (sadly) over. Rain is a post-apocalyptic Danish tv show about a virus carried by rainfall that has wiped out all humans in Scandinavia except for two siblings. Least that is how it has started… where they’ve gone over 3 seasons I cannot say. Yet. Rain’s third and final season drops on August 6 on Netflix. Perfect. That’s my next sci-fi show! May as well get into today. (Rain is Danish. Into the Night was my first Belgian tv show also on Netflix and highly recommended. Only season 1 is out now but Netflix has confirmed a second season. So you can wait if you want… Dark worked better as a “trade” than a monthly. And That’s the value of Netflix: gimme that good international stuff. Thanks!) (Sammy)

Wynonna Earp (9pm / SyFy) – After last weeks episode learning what happened to Doc and Waverly as well as the rest of the gang we see how things begin to play out as Wynonna continues to look for Waverly and get her back along with Doc. Over the years I have gotten to talk to some of the cast of the show and it continues to be one of the most fun sets around. Looking for some of the good ole schlocky fun we are in dire need of right now. (Mr. Green)

Well, there you go plenty of options for the week ahead. Enjoy yourself and watch responsibly.

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