Originally Aired: 09/11/20 – We review The Boys Season 2. We talk with actor Kris Holden-Ried of The Umbrella Academy and also with director Raj Krishna of Padmavyuha.

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We talk with actor Kris Holden-Ried a fan favourite in the genre world! He recently appeared on Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy. He talks about that performance and more! Kris Holden-Ried (born August 1, 1973) is a Canadian actor. In 2007, he portrayed William Compton in the first seven episodes of the Showtime series The Tudors. In 2010, he began appearing in the television series Lost Girl as Dyson. He played Quint Lane, the mutated lycan, in the film Underworld: Awakening (2012). In 2013, he voiced Captain Canuck in the animated web series of the same name. In recent years, Kris has had rolls on Vikings, Departure, The Expanse, and The Umbrella Academy.

Our review of The Boys Season 2 starring Karl Urban, Jack Quaid and Antony Starr. The even more intense, more insane Season 2 finds The Boys on the run from the law, hunted by the Supes, and desperately trying to regroup and fight back against Vought. In hiding, Hughie, Mother’s Milk, Frenchie and Kimiko try to adjust to a new normal, with Butcher nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Starlight must navigate her place in The Seven as Homelander sets his sights on taking complete control. His power is threatened with the addition of Stormfront, a social media-savvy new Supe, who has an agenda of her own. On top of that, the Supervillain threat takes center stage and makes waves as Vought seeks to capitalize on the nation’s paranoia.

We also talk with filmmaker Raj Krishna. His directorial debut, Padmavyuha, is hitting the festival circuit in the U.S. this month. He’ll be on to talk about the movie and more. PADMAVYUHA, directed by filmmaker Raj Krishna, in his directorial debut, is a new mystery thriller provoking and shining a new outlook on the complex history of Hinduism. Fresh off of its world premiere as the opening night film at the 2020 International Indian Film Festival of Toronto (IIFFT), PADMAVYUHA will be hitting the film festival circuit this Fall 2020 starting with the North Carolina South and East Asian Hollywood Film Festival (NCISAFF) on September 12th followed by the HorrorHound Film Festival on September 18th and the Silicon Valley Asian Pacific Film Festival on October 2nd. 

It was a great show!

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