Hey not sure what to watch this week on the small screen? No worries #SetTheVCR is here to help you make some of those decisions easier. Each week Sammy Younan and I will give you our picks for each day of the coming week. Please note – All times are Eastern Standard Time so please adjust for your time zone.

Sports is a big pick this week as the NFL returns to action Thursday night. Plus the usual mix of sci-fi, horror and superheroes are as usual in the mix. We may even get in some music and dramedy as well. Now with the fall in full swing hopefully the choices become more plentiful again. We also have our first pick’em of #SetTheVCR on Sunday night.

A Sunday Showdown: Mr. Green has a Sunday night recommendation starting at 9pm as do I. This could be a problem; thankfully here’s a reminder to #SetTheVCR and not just for Sunday night.

Sammy Younan

Monday, September 7

Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne (9pm/ A&E) – All aboard the Crazy Train! Metal music’s Iron Man Ozzy Osbourne is profiled in A&E’s Biography: a two-hour documentary reviewing his decades-long career. Yes, his kids from the TV show are interviewed as well as Rick Rubin, Rob Zombie, Post Malone and…Ice-T? Sounds like the documentary went off the rails. Though it’s worth noting listed among the doc’s credits are executive producers for Osbourne Media who are Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy Osbourne, Jack Osbourne, and Peter Glowski. So I dunno how honest the doc can or will be when the subject is producing it. (Sammy)

Draft Day (8pm / FOX) – Later in the week Sammy provides some actual NFL happening on Thursday night. So, I figured this would be a good time to help get you ready by recommending Draft Day. Kevin Costner stars in this film about a General Manager on draft day who must decide if he is willing to give it all up for the number one draft pick. Costner’s best films have been his sports ones. Now he gets to play on the management side of the characters instead of the rebellious athlete. With a track record like Bull Durham, Tin Cup, Field of Dreams and For the Love of the Game he has proven he gets the sports-minded film fan. Since it falls more on the Moneyball side of the sports fence this should be wide enough of an opening for anyone to join and watch. (Mr. Green)

Tuesday, September 8

Biography: I Want My MTV (9pm / A&E) – According to the media release: Biography: I Want My MTV charts the rise of a cultural phenomenon that came to define a generation: MTV. Yes! MTV was (sadly past tense…) so dope! While this doc will feature interviews with the founders and VJs plus Sting, DMC, Annie Lennox, etc. here’s the hook. Among the archival footage and outtakes is an interview with the late great David Bowie that was never broadcast on television. Yo. That’s worth the price of admission. (Sammy)

WWE NXT (8pm / USA) – Same time, same channel, NEW DAY! I haven’t recommended any wrestling for a good long time and for reason. It hasn’t been that interesting to me on screen. However, this week with the WWE admitting defeat and moving NXT to Tuesday away from AEW Dynamite it felt right to do. Although admitting defeat is not the usual WWE m.o., so it shouldn’t shock anyone that Vince decided to move the LIVE show but still air a replay on Wednesdays against Dynamite over on SyFy. Like I said the shows have not been as exciting for me but behind the scenes pettiness like this I find fascinating to see unfold. (Mr. Green)

Wednesday, September 9

The Social Dilemma (3am / Netflix) – The underbelly of Silicon Valley: there’s always an underbelly. Turns out social media is a house of cards…we conflate likes with value and truth; much like we did back in grade school where getting an A “mattered.” Only…it doesn’t; it never did. This documentary questions: “what are the consequences of our growing dependence on social media?” Tristan Harris the president and a co-founder of the Center for Humane Technology is in this and why he’s not a household name I dunno. His inspiring work challenging tech companies is fantastic and you’d be wise to check out one of his two TED Talks as an “app” before this meal. (Sammy)

48 Hours: Suspicion (10pm / CBS) – One of the things that happened this year to provide some respite from the opening weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic was the release of Netflix’s Tiger King. During that documentary, some accusations were being thrown about by Joe Exotic and others about his intended murder victim Carole Baskin. That accusation gets its own spotlight in this new show from 48 Hours. The basic premise if you didn’t watch Tiger King or know of this story is that Carole Baskin killed her first husband for his money and covered the whole thing up. A former handy-man apparently gives some details about the case. (Mr. Green)

Thursday, September 10

NFL: Week 1 (8:20 pm / NBC) – The NFL returns as yet another symbol of our society going back to normal. The NBA opted for a single-site in Orlando while the MLB opted for business as usual. Initially off to a rocky start…which was totally anticipated…the MLB is has figured out the correct set of protocols: only 1 or 2 people have tested positive for coronavirus this past week. Games are being played in a truncated season. Now the NFL is on deck and like the MLB it will take them some time to hash out all the correct procedures. An NFL team rolls 100 people deep: with players, coaches, medical staff, equipment staff, and more. NBA with like 12-15 players on a team that’s easy; NFL will have some bumps but for now, we get to watch the Kansas City Chiefs host the Houston Texans. Enjoy the games as much as you can until the NFL figures out how to properly play football with a virus. I mean Tom Brady is playing for Tampa Bay and that Mahomes kid has a ring so this will be an incredible and wildly unpredictable season. (Sammy)

The Babysitter: Killer Queen (3am / Netflix) – The first film became a cult favourite among horror fans and I totally missed it. I know SHAME! Anyway, this week looks like I will be rectifying that as this sequel looks really fun. Plus I like that the original Cole just a little older now makes for some fun. I thought for sure they would have recast but I’m happy they didn’t it makes for some good continuity and seeing the whole gang back and the reasons why are amping up the fun factor for me. Besides as we move into the fall it’s time to start getting ready for Halloween season and get our horror on. (Mr. Green)

Friday, September 11

Blood Quantum (3am / Shudder) – Ok! Ready for this? Blood Quantum “depicts the effects of a zombie uprising on a First Nations reserve whose residents are immune to contracting the plague because of their indigenous heritage, but must still cope with the consequences of its effects on the world around them, including white refugees seeking shelter on the reserve.” What?! This Canadian-horror movie started streaming on Shudder at the end of August; if you don’t have Shudder that’s fine it’s out on DVD etc. Oh, zombies…they always keep coming back. (Sammy)

The Duchess (3am / Netflix) – Katherine Ryan gets her own Netflix show with this series. She has had a few comedy specials and of course all of her appearances on British TV. Now she is getting to show off her skills as the lead in this series about a woman who is looking to have another child. The problem is she had a terrible go of it with her first child’s father so she investigates other options. A comedy of insanity unfolds as she is dating a guy who wants to be more with her and her daughter but she doesn’t want his sperm for her next child. The reality of her life is that she is a glorified child herself that doesn’t seem to have figured out how to grow up and be an actual adult. I feel this is going to be another show where people either love it or hate it. Still looks worthy of checking out. (Mr. Green)

Saturday, September 12

NBA Playoffs (TBD / ESPN) – Today will be Game 5 of Lakers vs Rockets: The Celtics-Raptors series should be over; really the Eastern Conference Final teams should be settled by Saturday morning. (If not sooner!) The NBA Playoffs have been strange; they have not always gone according to plan and they’re on at the same time as the NFL. It’s the strangest of times. Enjoy the creature comforts. (Sammy)

Mr. Green’s Pick of the Week

DC Fandome (1pm / dcfandom.com) – Sammy recommended this a few weeks back when the first day of this event took place. Now it’s my turn as this one is especially fitting since the majority of the panels will be relating to the DC TV properties. They will also have some other stuff including cosplay and comics stuff happening. But the big change for this version of the event is this time it’s allowing you to totally build your own schedule. Which means that all of the panels are pre-recorded. This is a bit of a downer for fans but you still get to see and hear from your favourite DC TV celebrities as they unveil the plans for the upcoming seasons of each show. One of the biggest takeaways that many were loving about the first event was the slick production quality of the show’s panels that can be further improved with the prerecords. Looking forward to seeing what new info and trailers we get today. (Mr. Green)

Sunday, September 13

Sammy’s Pick of the Week

Brave New World (9pm/ Showcase)Brave New World is a dystopian novel by Aldous Huxley, written in 1931 and published in 1932. Brave New World is a TV adaption of Huxley’s novel; it premiered on the NBCUniversal streaming service Peacock on July 15, 2020. Today, happily it comes to Canada. I included the novel’s publishing dates as this is a modern version: this show has added an artificial intelligence system named Indra. This is a utopian society echoing Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four: where monogamy is enforced, sleep is regulated and peace is firmly established. Of course, since this is a sci-fi world utopia prompts questions, turns out not everyone is happy. Imagine a world where Star Trek’s Borg have succeeded. The novel harrowingly depicts the fear of losing an individual identity so there is much to mine for a TV show. Though as we’ve seen from the recent Man In The High Castle adaptation how this will differ from the book remains to be seen. And so that journey begins tonight. (Sammy)

Lovecraft Country (9pm / HBO) – Another week down and this show continues to prove how awesome it is. The ability to tell a story about 50’s America and it’s continuing racial issues while having the overall story of the mystery surrounding the heritage of Atticus and his relationship to the Sons of Adam. With episode three you are thinking things are moving on in a different direction only for them to come back around to the mystery being unfold before us. The show continues to be creepy, interesting and brutal each week as we watch this world’s terrors. (Mr. Green)

Well, there you go plenty of options for the week ahead. Enjoy yourself and watch responsibly.

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