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In 1999, superhero comics from The Big Two (DC and Marvel) were in a slump. The third contender in the comics race, Image, had seen a lull period as well at the end of the 90s comic boom. But a few books that were catching fans and critics eyes. One such book was a superhero comic that deconstructed powered folk in a way not yet explored in the world of graphic fiction. The comic was written by a television writer and was making ways at ye old comic shoppe. The book in question is Rising Stars.

Written by Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski, Rising Stars is the story of a life changing comet that gives the children of a town special skills and abilities that people fear. Schooled and gathered together, they inevitably become super heroes. But as they get older, they find out an interesting caveat regarding their powers. When one of them dies, the strength of that person’s power is distributed to the others. This leads to greedy super types that crave more power.

Join us as Andrew and Petula chat about Rising Stars. Petula’s been a long time fan of the series. Andrew never read it before preparing for this podcast. Get the skinny on the series from readers old and new! All in a days work on Back Issue Bloodbath.

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