Originally Aired: 10/23/20 – We preview The Blood in the Snow Film Festival. We talk with actor Trevor Roberts of Helstrom.

Show Notes:

FRIENDLY PANDEMIC REMINDER: Wear a mask, wash your hands (<20 seconds), cough/sneeze into your elbow, stay 6 feet apart and only go outside if it’s necessary. Also, DON’T HOARD!

Andrew was not joined by Mr. Green this week as he’s taken some time off to finish recording his second book on tape, “How to Talk to Animals that Make Weird Sounds”. I hear it’ll keep you up at night, it’s so riveting! Stepping in to cover for him is Andrew’s co-host on Back Issue Bloodbath, Petula Neale!

It being October, it’s the perfect time to watch horror movies! The Blood In The Snow Film Festival is almost upon us! This year, the Toronto-based Festival has partnered with Superchannel to bring movies into homes across Canada from October 28th to November 7th! We’ll be giving a preview of what films are coming your way. Find what films Andrew and Petula are most excited about. If you want to watch this year’s festival, go HERE to subscribe to Superchannel today!

We also talk with actor Trevor Roberts. Trevor plays Father Joshua Crow on Helstrom, the new series on Hulu based on Marvel Comics characters Daimon and Santana Helstrom. All 10 episodes are available now! Trevor talks about the show and more! Trevor Roberts grew up in Burnaby, BC, and one Thursday night, staring at an episode of “Family Ties”, he learned that Canadians, like Michael J. Fox could, actually be actors! This was a revelation and the “fuse” was lit. In recent years, Trevor has focused on film and tv landing roles on Netflix’s “Altered Carbon”, ABC’s “Once Upon A Time”, CW’s “Supernatural” and CBC’s “The Romeo Section” to name a few. Up next Trevor can be seen as Father Joshua Crow in the first season of Marvel’s “Helstrom”, a dark, near horror, comic book/action series about the fight of good vs. evil. The series is now available on Hulu. 

It was a great show!

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