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It’s safe to say these days that when it comes to mutants, it’s Hickman’s world and the X-Men are all just living in it! But not so long ago, there was a great divide between the children of the atom. Two ideologies competed to decide what’s best for the mutant race. That competition came to a head and lead to the separation of the X-Men into two faction. X-Men: Schism set the stage for this divide.

Written by Jason Aaron and released in 2011, X-Men: Schism set the playing field for the X-Men for the next several years. Cyclops sees himself as the Mutant Messiah, creating a safe haven for his kind on the island of Utopia. Wolverine, unsure of the separation from the human race, feels that the younger mutants should be treated like students and not small soldiers. With each issue of Schism, the two find themselves growing further apart. The split of the team is inevitable.

Join Andrew and Petula as they break down this miniseries and discuss how it lead to one of the best X-Men series of the past decade: Wolverine and the X-Men. We also talk about the many great artists that contributed to Schism. It’s all coming your way on an ALL NEW, ALL DIFFERENT Back Issue Bloodbath!

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