Welcome to another edition of New Comics, where we give our suggestions on what books to pick up when perusing the comic shelves week to week. As always, I am joined by Kris Johnson. Read on to find the best of what the comic shop has in store for you this week.

SEA OF SORROWS #1 (OF 5) $3.99 (IDW) – Following the end of WWI, a small cadre of American opportunists head out into the Atlantic to plunder the depths for gold in the belly of a sunken U-Boat. Jack some German gold from a smashed up unterseeboot? Light fuckin’ work, amirite? Unfortunately for the Yanks, they’ll be forced to contend not only with the fact that every single one of them seem to be murderous, scheming turds, but also with the reality that this is a horror book and the depths are dark and full of terrors. I stole that last part from a book, or maybe the tv show based on the book… sigh. that last season was terrible. (Kris)

CAPTAIN AMERICA #25 $4.99 (Marvel) – Now this sounds like an issue jam-packed with awesome! You got Cap and a newly de-aged Sharon Carter (who has cool body armour!) headed to Madripoor to save the Daughters of Liberty. Waiting for them is the Red Skull reborn! Business is about to pick up, son! Ta-Nehisi Coates and Leonard Kirk are bringing the thunder for this one! And if that’s not enough for ya, there’s also a backup story from Anthony Falcone and Michael Cho. Michael Cho is the man! His stuff is always worth checking out. This definitely sounds way better than whatever Venom is offering, Amirite? (Andrew)

FRANK AT HOME ON THE FARM #1 $3.99 (Scout) – Originally a Kickstarter comic, Frank at Home on the Farm details the struggles of a man named Frank as he returns home from horrors of the first Wold War. He arrives at his farm with the expectation that he’ll be greeted by his wife and children only to discover his homestead is completely deserted. Where has his family gone? Have they left him or is something more at play? Find out, Frank. Do you damn job, protagonist! (Kris)

THE BOOK TOUR GN $24.99 (Top Shelf) – A dark comedy with a retro flavour, The Book Tour follows the undoing of a man. G. H. Fretwell is a minor English writer who’s trying to keep it together as the world falls a part around him. It’s bad enough that his book tour is disaster. Now the cops want to question him about a mysterious disappearance. Looks like trouble is waiting for Fretwell wherever he goes! It’s been awhile since Andi Watson has done a book like this one. Glad to see we don’t have to wait any longer! (Andrew)

MARVELS VOICES: INDIGENOUS VOICES #1 $4.99 (Marvel) – Indigenous characters written by indigenous writers and drawn by indigenous artists?!! Whaaaaa? What a concept! In this new 40-page one shot, Native American and Indigenous creators weave three different tales starring fan-favourite characters Warpath, Dani Moonstar and Echo. While the heroics will likely be of the same ilk that we’ve seen from these characters before, the characterizations themselves are likely to feature more authentic grace notes and cultural insights and that’s what I’m most looking forward to. (Kris)

STILLWATER # 3 $3.99 (Image)Do you really want to live forever? / Forever? / Forever? That’s the question that Daniel must ask himself after coming to Stillwater. And does anybody die in Stillwater? If not, then what is a death day? Danny gets to see what happens to rule breakers in town and has a lot to process afterwards. This is without a doubt a thrilling comic where you can’t wait to read the next issue. Chip and Ramon are knocking it outta the park! You gotta pick this one up, friend. Like your life depends on it! Maybe it does! (Andrew)

JIM HENSON’S THE STORYTELLER: GHOSTS HC $24.99 (Boom!) – I’m an unabashedly massive fan of Jim Henson’s original Storyteller tv show, and it must be said that these Boom! Comics in general, and this Ghost series in particular, have done an absolutely astounding job of taking what made that tv show so appealing and translating it to the medium of comics. No small feat, by any measure. And even more impressive when you consider how much scarier the stories found in this collection of the critically acclaimed and fan-lauded comics are when compared to the original program. I mean, I don’t remember seeing any episodes that even approached something as awful as leaving a baby out in the frigid winter night fully intending for it to freeze to death only for it to return as a murderous wraith. But y’know, I could be wrong. (Kris)

DAREDEVIL EPIC COLLECTION TP LAST RITES $39.99 (Marvel) – The Man Without Fear has always had a versatile book. You can tell stories in various genres, sometimes within the same issue. Case it point, The latest Epic Collection for Daredevil. You got stories about loss of identity, espionage, sports, corporate warfare, crime, and even super-heroics! That’s a nice mixed bag of goodies. Throw in appearances by Nick Fury, Typhoid Mary, Hydra and Kingpin, and you’ve got a rockin’ good time for the blind eye of justice. (Andrew)

THE RECOUNT #1 $3.99 (Scout) – This is a crazy goddamn comic being printed at the exact right crazy moment to garner the craziest amount of attention. In The Recount, an armed group of insurrectionists known as The Masses assassinate the corrupt and dishonest sitting President of the United States. They then decide to take out everyone that helped get him the position, including the voters. These actions drive the US to the brink of Civil War as everyday citizens come to grips with their new and violent reality. Considering the current political climate in the United States, this has the potential to be a truly incendiary book. A large number of the advance reviews have been extremely positive, so it doesn’t appear as though this sucker is all hype. This thing could be a massive, controversial hit and it’s definitely worth a look. (Kris)

WIDOWMAKERS: RED GUARDIAN/YELENA BELOVA #1 $4.99 (Marvel) – You might not remember this, but there was a time when people were not stuck in their homes. There was a time when Marvel fans were all waiting for Black Widow to have her big solo-movie outing! And then stuff happened in the world to prevent that, causing the film to get moved….twice! But while we continue to wait for things to get better out there, we can follow some of the film’s characters on the comics page! Devin Grayson (co-creator of Yelena Belova) returns to write a tale about Black Widow #2 and The Red Guardian. Watch two people who have both tried to kill the Widow in the past team up and do some cool spy shit! (Andrew)

So there you go. That’s this week’s New Comics. Check these books out and let us know what you think. We’ll be back next week with more choice cuts of comic goodness.

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Captain America #25