Hey Folks! Welcome to Part 1 of 2 for the 2020 Geek Hard Holiday Gift Guide! Each Year, Mr. Green and I bring your our picks for the best gifts to buy the geek in your life. This year, due to the rough go we’ve all been having, we’re bringing you a modified guide highlighting gifts in all price ranges. This week, I’ll be bringing you 10 great gift suggestions and Mr. Green will be here next week to do the same.

Alright, enough preamble. Let’s get to it!


G.I. Joe will always be my first love. This latest series has the look, craftsmanship, and articulation that any Joe fan would fight for on land, sea and air! The line features some classic characters like Duke, Snake Eyes, Destro, Zartan, Scarlet, and more! These 6 inch figures are packed with nostalgia and look pretty damn cool. They’ll make any fan want to say, “Hail Cobra, the great snake rules forever!” or words to that effect.

My Therapist Says…to Color: Ignore Reality and Color Over 50 Designs Because You Can’t Even – $21.77

@MyTherapistSays is quite the force on ye ole Instagram. There’s not a day goes by that I don’t see someone sharing their content. Sometimes, you just gotta have fun with your mental health, amirite? Now the creators of this highly meme-able content have put a humorous adult colouring book to help calm your nerves. Put down your phone and find relaxation in colouring 50 different pages on various mental health topics, complete with the hilarious text you’ve come to expect. It’s good for your health.

Back to the Future: The Official Hill Valley Cookbook – $22.95

Ah, the sweet town that is Hill Valley. It was a pretty cool place in 1985….and 1955….and 1885. Not gonna lie, it was bit goofy in 2015 and downright creepy in that alternate 1985. Regardless of the era (and dimension), the food was probably still pretty good. Now you can sample some of Hill Valley’s fine cuisine in your own home with this cook book. Ideal for any Back to the Future fan that’s handy in the kitchen, the recipes within this book will generate 1.21 gigawatts of deliciousness! There’s also helpful notes from Doc Brown throughout the book as well. A must for the time hopping cook in your life!

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen: Who Killed Jimmy Olsen? – $29.99

Without a doubt, this is one of wildest comic book rides that DC has put out in years. Jimmy has been Supes’ pal since forever and has gone on some kooky adventures. This trade paperback collecting the 12 issue love letter to the wackiness of the Silver Age of comics is probably the greatest adventure Jimmy Olsen had. Matt Fraction takes us on a hysterical journey through the DC universe as Olsen poorly creates different identities (Timmy Olsen? Really?) to hide in plain site and try to figure out the big question: Who Killed Jimmy Olsen? Wait….What? Like The Matrix, it’s easier if you just experience the story for yourself. Any comic fan would love to read this book and see the mad capped adventure unfold before their very eyes. We’ve got an episode of Back Issue Bloodbath coming out next week for those that want to hear more about the series. But for now, get it for your best comic reading pal this Xmas.

The Goonies (4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Digital) – $49.99

GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE! This is true when it comes to the release of special editions of the film. There are many a fan of The Goonies out there. I myself am still a huge fan of this 80s children’s adventure classic. Hell, I’ve been a guest on podcasts just to talk about my love of Goonies. Any fan of the Stranger Things inspiration would love a new 4K Ultra copy of the movie. With this new collectors edition, you also get a copy of One Eye’d Willy’s map and some other great extras to boot! Save the Goondocks all over again by giving that special someone who’s good enough a great gift.

X-Men: The Art and Making of The Animated Series Hardcover – $50.00

The Greatest Superhero cartoon, hands down. (Sorry Batman fans, but it’s true!) When it comes to the X-Men, it’s the standard bearer to which all others are judged. It also had a bitchin’ theme song. For those who’s fandom runs deeper for the series, this behind-the-scenes look into the making of this X-citing animated classic will enthral them for hours on end. The book features first hand accounts of the rocky road to get the series to the small screen. It also has sketches, character designs, storyboards and more! Pick this up today, bub!

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales PS4 & PS5 – $64.99

There is absolutely no way I couldn’t put this one on my list. Fans of the first Spider-Man game from Insomniac have been waiting for the follow up with spider-sense tingling. Now it’s here! You can swing around New York as Miles Morales and fight crime….or just swing around. There’s nothing stopping you from just swinging around to take a break from the outside world. This one’s probably on the top of many a gamer’s wish list this holiday season. With great gift giving power comes great responsibility. Hope you wield the power wisely.

Bugs Bunny 80th Anniversary Collection (BD) [Blu-ray] – $89.99

80 years of hijinks coming up! While it’s great that The Animaniacs are back, there’s one particular Warner Bros. creation that we all want to see! The wascally wabbit has been an icon for 8 decades strong, outwitting rich hunters and moustachioed western stereotypes with panache. While you wait for Space Jam 2, check out this collection of shorts from the 1940s to the present HBO offerings. Some of these shorts have not been previously released on other home viewing formats. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who may have taken a left turn at Albuquerque.

Marvel: The Bronze Age 1970-1980 – $295.00

If you recall last year’s guide, Marvel: The Golden Age made it on my list. While that hardcover collection of classic Golden Age comics was impressive, this one is more my style. Collecting some of the greatest comic stories from the 70s era of Marvel, the Marvel: The Bronze Age hardcover features 15 unforgettable stories from the time. Curated by comic legend Roy Thomas, you can relive some great tales starring Luke Cage, Black Panther, Iron Man, The Eternals, The X-Men and more! The book also comes with a 64 page facsimile of Giant-Sized X-Men #1, arguably the most important comic of the era! It’s the final instalment from the Folio Society celebrating 80 years of Marvel Comics. This is a great piece for any collector out there.

Epson EF-100 Smart Streaming Laser Projector with Android TV – Black – $799.98

Want to have a very special personal viewing experience? This new laser projector will provide theatre-like quality in your very own home. It comes with Android TV, complete with a wireless remote which includes voice activated commands to make it even easier to access Netflix, HBO, YouTube, hulu, ESPN and more. This gift is great for the whole family as it will provide hours of viewing! The ones you love will project feelings of gratitude when you gift them this projector! See what I did there?

So that’s just a few suggestions for the nerd or geek on your shopping list. Next week, Mr. Green will be bringing you 10 more suggestions for great gifts. Come back for more of that!

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