Welcome to another edition of New Comics, where we give our suggestions on what books to pick up when perusing the comic shelves week to week. As always, I am joined by Kris Johnson. Read on to find the best of what the comic shop has in store for you this week.

SCUMBAG #4 $3.99 (Image) – The scummiest of scumbags in all the world is “forced” to attend a “gross” sex party in order to stop the agents of Scorpionus from enacting their sinister plan. Will Ernie do what he needs to do to be a hero and prove that he’s not a complete piece of shit or will he get distracted by all the titties and ruin everything? I think we know where the smart money is. (Kris)

IRON FIST: HEART OF THE DRAGON #1 (OF 6) $3.99 (Marvel) – The world is in a constant state of free falling chaos these days. Why should it be any different for Iron Fist? This new miniseries throws everything at the Immortal one – zombie armies, mystical portals, and deadly players who want to kill the ancient dragons that power the heavenly cities. Thankfully, Danny Rand has backup to stop them. The Immortal Weapons are back together to find the culprits. This looks like balls-to-the-wall fun. And it sports Larry-FREAKIN-Hama and Dave Wachter for a creative team. This is just what the at-home populous ordered to get us through the doldrums. It’s like a dragon punch straight to the chest. Exciting! (Andrew)

RAIN LIKE HAMMERS #1 (OF 5) $4.99 (Image) – On the desert world of Crown Majesty, the walking city of Elephant is home to thousands of inhabitants. One of them is Eugene. He’s new to Elephant and manages to carve out a pretty safe, if boring existence. At least he did, until something else arrives on the planet that immediately begins destroying the walking cities. Wait! The walking cities? But Eugene’s busy being boring and safe nestled in one of those. I guess he’s gonna have to change it up if he wants to live. (Kris)

ABBOTT 1973 #1 (OF 5) $3.99 (Boom!) – Saladin Ahmed and Sami Kivelä bring us an intriguing new book that combines activism and dark magic. Elena Abbott is a reporter at a Detroit news paper as the city is about to elect its first black candidate for mayor! But a new group has emerged to destroy the new mayor and anyone who supports his campaign. Abbott discovers the group’s connection to dark magic and is marked for death because of it. She has to embrace her true power as the Lightbringer to stop them and save the city. There’s a lot going on here and I’m in for all of it! And any book set in the 70s is always worth a look. (Andrew)

KING IN BLACK #3 (OF 5) $4.99 (Marvel) – The heroes of Earth have been having a tough time with Knull, aka God of the symbiotes, aka The King in Black. And by tough time I mean they’re either dead, near death, beaten down, or have been absorbed into the symbiote collective. But there is hope on the horizon in the form of Mighty Thor! He kicked the Grendel’s ass over a thousand years ago and took out Gorr The God Butcher, so his track record with symbiotes and their ilk is pretty good. He recently got a pretty beefy power upgrade, but will that add up to victory against Knull? Grab this issue to find out. (Kris)

PULP TP $12.99 (Image) – A masterpiece by Brubaker and Phillips, Pulp is the official pick of Back Issue Bloodbath for the Best Graphic Novel of 2020! For those that missed out on it in hardcover, it’s now available in paperback! The story of 1930s pulp writer Max Winters, a man just trying to get by, telling tales about his past as a bank robber and gunslinger in the old west. That past catches up to Max and sets him on the path to one final big score. He’ll have to deal with Nazis and even enemies from his former life before the end of it. It’s no secret how much I love this tale. Now’s the time you find out what I’m talking about. (Andrew)

FUTURE STATE: IMMORTAL WONDER WOMAN #1 $5.99 (DC Comics) – Superstar cover artist Jen Bartel makes her DC Comics interior art debut with this instalment of the Future State event that sees Princess Diana go toe to to toe with a threat that’s powerful enough to lay even the mighty Darkseid low. Big fights! Big art! What’s not to like? (Kris)

MAESTRO: WAR AND PAX #1 (OF 5) $4.99 (Marvel) – Another chapter in the tale that shows how The Hulk became the Master and Ruler of the World. In the last miniseries, he beat a god to gain the throne. But just like any championship, it’s not about winning it. You’ve got to defend your place at the top. The Maestro isn’t the only immortal left. He’s gotta clear out all the top contenders to claim the ultimate victory. Then, and only then, will they look up at him and say, “You rule the world”. (Andrew)

Batman / Catwoman #2 $4.99 (DC Comics) – We didn’t get much in the way of Phantasm in the first issue of Bat/Cat, but it was still a solid debut. I needs me some goddamn Phantasm, and in this issue DC promises that they will give it to me. To quote the legendary Batista, “Give me what I want!” (Kris)

STILLWATER #5 $3.99 (Image) – Enough is Enough! It’s Time For A Change! In the last issue of Stillwater, we found out how the Judge got all his power. We also got a quick glimpse of the group of concerned citizens that are sick and tired of being stuck in the ageless small town. Stillwater can’t keep its secret forever. This issue, they try and convince The Judge to let the outside in and bring about change for the better. If the previous issues are any indication, I don’t think things will go well for them. Chip Zdarsky keeps bringing the big reveals in this series. Just when I think this town can’t get any weirder…..it gets weirder! Definitely the series to watch in 2021! Pick it up and get a little weirded out. (Andrew)

So there you go. That’s this week’s New Comics. Check these books out and let us know what you think. We’ll be back next week with more choice cuts of comic goodness.

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Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon #1