Hey not sure what to watch this week on the small screen? No worries #SetTheVCR is here to help you make some of those decisions easier. Each week Sammy Younan and I will give you our picks for each day of the coming week. Please note – All times are Eastern Standard Time so please adjust for your time zone.

Not once but twice this week Sammy and I agree on what to watch. It truly is the end times. It finally is starting to feel like TV seasons of old with premieres and solid choices each night of the week. Let’s get to it, shall we?

We got jokes and sports. We got science to science-fiction. Yo: should be a solid TV week.

Sammy Younan

Monday, January 25

See Below – TNT’s Snowpiercer adaptation (Vanilla Ice’s favourite show: Too Cold!) returns for a second season. Unless you’re in Canada which is ironic because we’ve a reputation for being a frozen dystopia. January 26 on Netflix for us. I’ll let Mr. Green fill you on the details. Do know Snowpiercer TNT’s gravy train TV show about Strangers On A Train has been renewed for a third season. Even though the second season hasn’t even left the station yet. Rather comforting for viewers and the writers to know that upfront: they will not train in vain. (Sammy)

Mr. Green’s Pick of the Week

Snowpiercer (9pm / TNT)SEASON PREMIERE! After the events of season one, we are going to find out what happens next. With the re-emergence of a person from the past bringing along someone from another person’s past things on the 900+ long car train, things are heating up in the frozen wastelands of this show. Season one surprised me with how they took the story is similar but new directions to address current world issues that never seem to go away even in the not too distant future. Really looking forward to boarding the train again and see where star Daveed Diggs takes us this season. (Mr. Green)

Tuesday, January 26

Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel: Season 27 (10pm / HBO) – Season 27 of the Real Sports kicks off today. (Think of it as 60 Minutes but sports focused.) One of the investigative segments for tonight’s season premier is Nike’s Oregon Project. I’m curious as I don’t know the full story. Nike’s Oregon Project was a runners group to experiment and effectively promote American long-distance running. However the team folded on October 10, 2019 after an investigation resulted in a four-year ban of longtime coach Alberto Salazar. Oh. So…what happened? What went wrong? Why did they…hit a wall? (Sammy)

Hancock (8pm / SyFy) – Listen we can’t always get what we want and sometimes we get stuck with things we don’t want. In the case of 2008’s Hancock what we got was an interesting attempt to subvert the superhero genre that was still in its nascent stages of a global phenomenon. I have always believed this film is better than what it has been received from critics and audiences alike. However, if this movie came out today I have a feeling it would have done a lot better. With the sheer number of comic properties getting turned into movies and the MCU dominating theatres when they are released it’s clear that many people are getting fed up with superheroes and need a pallet to cleanse and this is that movie. What can I say I always liked the central concept of this film and its ultimate plotline was different from other comic book films. (Mr. Green)

Wednesday, January 27

Resident Alien (10pm / Syfy Channel)SERIES PREMIERE! Alan Tudyk plays an extraterrestrial stranded in a small Colorado town in the darkly comic sci-fi drama Resident Alien. Think E.T. but with lots of sarcasm. That works for me! Please Note: Canadians can view this witty Extra-Terrestrial on the CTV Sci-Fi Channel: same time, same date. (Sammy)

See AboveSERIES PREMIERE! The second time this week Sammy and I agree on a show. I am a fan of science fiction. I am a fan of comedies. I am a fan of fish out of water stories. I am a fan of Alan Tudyk. So I’m all in on this show. After watching the trailer even more so. It feels like Northern Exposure meets Eureka which always a good thing to me. Tudyk while always solid in previous projects really convinced me this will be good with his recent role as Mr. Nowhere on Doom Patrol. It had the right mix of humour, meta and pure zaniness in his performance that really makes me excited for this show. My only reservation is that it’s on SyFy which is notorious for cancelling shows way too early. Fingers crossed this is a massive hit as I want it to be. (Mr. Green)

Thursday, January 28

Dealer’s Choice! – Peacock adds a pile of stand up comic specials: just under 50 specials to tickle your funny bone. We got Bob Saget, 2 specials from D.L. Hughley, Henry Rollins, Kevin Smith, Mike Birbiglia (My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend back in 2013 is soooo good!), Sinbad, Tom Arnold, Tim Allen (1990’s Men Are Pigs! This was gold back in the day…does it hold up?), Whitney Cummings. Comedy specials from 1990 all the way to 2018: oh joy! (Sammy)

WandaVision (Anytime / Disney+) – If you still haven’t watched this yet and have even passing interest take the time. The show is only 30mins per episode and it really good. Sure the opening episodes might feel slow at first but that’s because they are building up to the back half. It’s clear there is a lot going on here and I’m not just talking about hundreds of YouTube channels that are making sooo many easter-egg videos and more. The show really has great fun with the premise and allowing the creators and cast to play their part within that old-school TV framework. Plus, with the 3rd episode, things begin to ratchet up the intensity. (Mr. Green)

Friday, January 29

You Should Have Left (3am / Crave) -Screenwriter David Koepp teamed up with Blumhouse Productions to tell this creepy story about a family and an unrestful vacation house rental. S’hard to tell from the trailer but it’s either ghosts or secrets that are 6 degrees from Kevin Bacon. Either way Kevin Bacon is great with horror movies: from Stir of Echoes to Footloose (where a small town bans dancing! Talk about sleeping with my G. I. Joe nightlight on!). (Sammy)

Palmer (3am / AppleTV+) – As I watch the trailer for this film all I think about is how did Justin Timberlake go from Mickey Mouse Club to boy band to solo sensation to a legitimate actor? No seriously how did this happen? I’m not shitting on the man he has done the work but how often has this actually happened? Sure we can point to Kurt Russell but he didn’t have the music career of Timberlake. Maybe Judy Garland but even then that’s a stretch to make the comparisons. I can’t think of a single one, not at his level. Regardless, this film looks good and the kind of uplifting type of story that we need during the pandemic. (Mr. Green)

Saturday, January 30

Sammy’s Pick of the Week

Apollo 11 (3am / Netflix (Canada)) – There’s a powerful word used 3 or 4 times in the Apollo 11 documentary: curiosity. NASA truly didn’t know what was out there… or what to fully expect which mirrors the documentary filmmaking process. Director Todd Douglas Miller didn’t know what film footage was out there or what to expect… it turned out to be a 3-year journey gathering all of that footage. What’s staggering is this isn’t just the technology and the engineering to launch a rocket and get to the moon…that’s already a daunting challenge. But to document the entire process through film and still photography and even broadcast the launch and moonwalk live on television is astonishing. This is a special and sublime documentary. (Sammy)

Finding ‘Ohana (Anytime / Netflix) – A kids tale in the vein of classic The Goonies. A mother and her two kids move in with their grandfather only to find out that he is in danger of foreclosure. The youngest decides after finding a journal that finding the lost gold of a ship called the Peruvian that sank of the coast of Hawaii. The older brother chases after his sister when she disappears looking for the treasure and soon after all the usual Goonies-esque shenanigans begin. This looks to be a good option for the family. (Mr. Green)

Sunday, January 31

The Circus (8pm / Showtime) – As President Trump was an incredible gift for mass media: ratings, sales and clicks. It was an amazing run. But is it over? The hosts of The Circus continue to explore the fractures in the American political landscape, despite a new administration. The oddest part of electing Biden is the flawed premise of going back to normal. There’s no such thing as “back to normal.” Celebrating dude’s inauguration as normal is like closing a wedding with “and they lived happily ever after.” What? How? Like: yo. So if we can’t go “back” to normal, how do we go ahead? (Sammy)

The Lady and The Dale (9pm / HBO)SERIES PREMIERE! Once again HBO is bringing the noise with this new documentary series about Elizabeth Carmichael and the Dale. Her three-wheeled car took the nation by storm during the ’70s and eventually went down in flames of fraud and corruption. I always find these kinds of business documentaries really compelling to watch. Tonight is the first of the four-part series from The Duplass brothers. Can’t wait to see all the shenanigans that happened. (Mr. Green)

Well, there you go plenty of options for the week ahead. Enjoy yourself and watch responsibly.

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