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And now for something completely different!

This time on Felons on Film, we flip the script. Instead of reviewing a movie that’s based on real events, we review a work of fiction. Red State, written and directed by Kevin Smith, was released back in 2011. Smith distributed it himself, touring the film across North America. Inspired by the Westboro Baptist Church, Smith presents a story where the “Five Points Trinity Church” take their “mission” to the next level. The first half of the film is a horror movie with a cult at its centre. The second half is a stand off between the Church and the ATF. The movie was a major departure for Smith, known mostly for comedies.

In the Midwest of the USA, three sex-crazed teenage boys receive an invitation from a woman online who wants to hook up with them. When the three friends arrive, they soon realise their promise of sex is a trap and soon they must escape from the deranged leader of a Christian Fundamentalist cult.

Tom Daly on IMDB.

Red State received mixed reviews. A feud between Smith and the critics overshadowed the film’s release. This lead to negative press for the film. But was it a good movie? Listen as Andrew and Elspeth talk about the film to find out. Elspeth also compares the stand off in the film to the real life stand off between the ATF and the Branch Davidians in Waco. It’s a mixed bag of an episode that dances around our regular format. Either way, you’re in for an interesting time.

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