#SetTheVCR for the Week of February 24th, 2020

It’s another #SetTheVCR! Sammy and Mr. Green give their picks for TV the week of February 24th

Back Issue Bloodbath Episode 225: Kevin Smith and Comics

This week on Back Issue Bloodbath, Andrew and Petula look back on the comic book contributions of Kevin Smith. Snoogans!

New Comics (02-19-2020)

It’s another New Comics Eve. Prepare for the big day with Kris and Andrew’s picks. They’re the gifts that keep on giving.

Geek Hard: Episode 506 – The Key to October’s Utopia

Originally Aired: 02/14/20 – We review Locke & Key. We talk with Kate Drummond of Utopis Falls and Praneet Akilla of October Faction.

This Week’s Episode of Geek Hard (02-21-2020): The Call of New Eden is Uncolonized with Evany Rosen, Kayla Lorette and Gavin Stephens

This week, we head into the wild, join a cult, and have a few laughs. Friday at 7PM Eastern on realityradio101.com.


This week, we head into the wild, join a cult, and have a few laughs.

Listen to Geek Hard this Friday to hear Andrew and Mr. Green chat with Evany Rosen and Kayla Lorette, the creators and stars of New Eden. We’ll also talk with comedian Gavin Stephens from the Uncolonized Podcast. Plus, a review of The Call of the Wild!

It’s all happening this Friday!



New Comics (02-12-2020)

We’re so close to Wednesday, you can already smell those New Comics! Let Andrew and Kris help you sort through the aromas for the premium picks!

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