Back Issue Bloodbath Episode 299: Trade Waiting and the Reason Issues are Late!

This week on Back Issue Bloodbath, Andrew and Petula examine Trade Waiting for a series and the reasons issues are late.

New Comics (07-21-2021)

Need a little bit of that New Comics goodness in your life? Check out Kris and Andrew’s Picks to get yourself right!

Geek Hard: Episode 580 – The Demonic Quiet is Abominable

Originally Aired: 07/16/21 – We review A Quiet Place II. We talk with actor Carly Pope of Demonic and also with comic creator Karl Kerschl of The Abominable Charles Christopher

This Week’s Episode of Geek Hard (07-23-2021): The Mystery of the Meanest Snake-Eyes with Ryan North

This week, we fight ninjas and witches! Friday at 7PM Eastern on

#SetTheVCR for the Week of July 19th, 2021

It’s another #SetTheVCR! Sammy and Mr. Green give their picks for TV the week of July 19th.


This week,  we fight ninjas and witches!

Listen to Geek Hard this Friday to hear Andrew and Mr. Green talk with comic creator Ryan North abou his latest graphic novel The Mystery of the Meanest Teacher! Plus, a review of Snake-Eyes.

It’s all happening this Friday!



New Comics

New Comics

Hot off the press and straight to the comic racks! Check out the great New Comics coming your way this Wednesday care of Andrew and Kris!

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